The Mobile Casino Revolution

If the internet revolutionized how the globe interacts, then the mobile device has revolutionized the internet itself. Today, any business cannot claim to have an online presence if it cannot perform well on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Online casinos know this only too well and have responded in kind.

The first adaptation was to make websites lighter so they could load faster and easily on mobile. Today, even this is being stepped up by introduction of ‘live betting,’ a model that uses video streaming to help mobile gamblers see the croupier in real time as if they were in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Play Mobile Casino with real money

Mobile Casino is not a phone game. It is a real gambling casino just like the one you would experience if you walked down the shiny streets of Las Vegas. You bet with real money (deposit or bonus) and you could even hit the jackpot and become a millionaire!

All you need to do is to open a free account on the casino’s website or mobile app and begin staking. You can deposit your betting money in this account. Your winnings are paid out instantly to the same account and you can withdraw the money into your bank account or wire it as you please.

Bonuses at Mobile Casinos

Bonus refer to the free money you get from the casino once you sign up or play certain games. Bonuses are used to:

  • Entice players to sign up
  • Reward players for taking part in certain casino competitions

There are two types of bonuses:

1. Deposit bonus

2. No deposit bonus

‘No deposit bonus’ is given for simply signing up with the casino. A ‘deposit bonus’ is a top up on the amount you load into your account for gambling purposes.

Bonuses have a catch, however, in that you cannot withdraw them directly; rather you must use them to place stakes. Always read the fine print to understand.

Mobile Casino Apps – iOS and Android

The main aim of going mobile is to adapt to the user’s needs. Casinos thus seek to create apps that are small in size so they can be downloaded easily. They are adapted for both Android and iOS phones and are available in Google and Apple play stores.

When you download a mobile casino app, you will notice that you don’t see some of the things you usually see on a computer desktop. Do not worry, the decorative features are left out so that the apps can load quickly even when the mobile signal is not very strong. Basic gaming features remain the same.

Mobile Live Casino

As mentioned earlier, Mobile Live Casino seeks to give users an on-screen experience similar to visiting a physical gaming house. You are able to see the croupier in real time as he deals cards in games like blackjack, hold ‘Em and poker or spins the wheel in roulette.

The live mobile casino model uses video streaming technology where cameras capture the dealers’ actions as they happen in the casino and transmit them to the players’ mobile screens at the same time. Some apps make the experience livelier by providing a chat option where players can chat with the dealer or with other players.

Slot games in the mobile

Slot games, a highly popular gambling type were among the first online adaptation of gambling. Initially they were just mobile games that could be downloaded and played for fun but today most casinos are adapting them into real money earners. They are easy to download and play.

All you need to do once you have downloaded the slot game is looking at the combination which appeals to you, select it then hit ‘spin.’ Slot games are difficult to predict and forming a betting strategy is almost impossible. Players however love them because they give some of the best returns.

Online Casino in New Zealand

The rise of online gaming has led to a surge in popularity of casino gaming in New Zealand. This is partly due to the easier access of casino games online compared to making a trip to the casino and partly due to easier gaming regulations.

New Zealand does not restrict foreign betting companies from operating in the country even without a physical address. Licensing and taxation is pretty easy compared to what physical casinos go through. As such, overseas gambling companies like bet365, Ladbrokes and BetVictor are very popular in the country. Local houses like MyLotto are also adopting online gaming.